An exquisite bar of soap is a luxurious treat. It should awaken the senses, be captivating to the eye, creamy to the touch and lightly scented with notes that transport or evoke memory. Most importantly, an exquisite bar of soap should be gentle and nourishing, made with the simplest of ingredients to enrich the health of one’s skin.

Hello, I’m Amanda, owner and artisan behind LolaBea Soap Company and I truly believe these qualities are what make handcrafted soap so special and why I choose to share my creations with others. Most of us have used commercial soaps all our lives, it’s what we know. However most commercial soaps contain harsh and unnecessary detergents, fillers and synthetic lather agents which strip and deplete skin of its natural moisture. It wasn’t until I began crafting soap as a hobby, that I realized my skin had grown accustomed to being dry and was crying out for something more. The difference quality ingredients made was obvious, my skin finally felt refreshed and hydrated! The truth is, once you use a quality bar of soap, you will never go back. LolaBea Soap Company was established in 2016 when my passion for soap blossomed into a small, part-time business. Soap making is my creative outlet, and the entirety of the process from beginning to end brings me joy. Careful thought, labor and love is poured into each small batch I produce. Not all handcrafted soap is created equal and I take great pride in making LolaBea Soaps from scratch. Each skin-loving ingredient is measured, whipped and poured by my hand. Special attention to detail is given to every bar, ensuring it is of the highest quality. My goal is to create a rich and beautiful product I know you will love and enjoy as much as I do! 

Thank you for visiting my store and for supporting women in small business.