~Love Is In The Air~

First Bloom Buttermilk Soap

Uniquely Beautiful Artisan Soap

Skillfully handcrafted, each exquisite soap is artistically designed and infused with natural skin-loving milks, butters, and oils which pamper and nourish the skin. Truly bliss in a bar, LolaBea Soaps offer an enticing array of aromas and a lavish lather your skin will absolutely crave!


"Best soap! My friends all hope for LolaBea Soap gifts from me. The only soap I use. Love It!" ~Karen, KS

Treat Your Skin To A Little Luxury!

One of the many benefits of using handmade soap is for its outstanding moisturizing properties. Glycerin, a powerful humectant, is naturally produced during the soap making process. Did you know that many commercial soap companies remove glycerin from their bars to be used in lotions and other beauty products? Often times these soaps also contain fillers and synthetic lathering agents which over time can irritate and deplete skin of its natural moisture. The “gentle” bar you have grown accustom to may not be showing your skin as much love as it should be! The glycerin found in our handmade soap bars is an amazing, water-loving ingredient that works to draw moisture to the skin. This combined with rich butters and oils creates the perfect recipe for keeping skin soft and smooth. As temperatures outside drop, so do the moisture levels in your skin. Help banish that dry, winter skin feeling with a luxurious bar of LolaBea Soap.