Why Buy Handcrafted Soap?
In general, mass produced commercial soaps contain unnecessary additives, detergents and synthetic ingredients. Unlike handcrafted soaps, commercial soaps often remove natural glycerin from their bars to be used in other beauty products. Glycerin aids in creating a barrier to lock in existing moisture, leaving skin smooth and soft. Over time the additives and lack of glycerin in commercial soaps can leave skin feeling irritated and depleted of moisture.


Are LolaBea Soaps hypoallergenic?
We cannot guarantee our soaps will never cause a reaction in every individual, therefore we do claim our products to be hypoallergenic. However, LolaBea Soaps are made to be gentle on the skin, formulated from nourishing milks, butters, oils and free of unnecessary detergents, fillers or synthetic lather agents. .


Where can I find a detailed ingredient list? 
Each LolaBea Soap bar arrives labeled with a detailed ingredient list. Please feel free to contact Amanda at lolabeasoaps@gmail.com with any questions or ingredient concerns you may have before your purchase. A master recipe is used in our production, however combinations of ingredients do vary from soap to soap. Our soap bars are formulated from a variety of natural oils, butters, milks, essential oils and plant extracts. Various products also contain cosmetic grade fragrance oils, pigments, micas, and glitters which are responsibly sourced, vegan and cruelty-free.


How long will soap fragrances last on my skin?
LolaBea Soaps are lightly scented and meant to be enjoyed as a bath and shower experience. Though some fragrance blends are stronger than others, our soap bars are not intended to take the place of a perfume or cologne. 


How long can I expect soap bars to last?
Of course this depends on frequency of use, but typically 2-3 weeks. Handcrafted soaps will last longer if they do not sit in water. Bars that are constantly exposed or left in pooled water will become soggy and begin to breakdown quickly. Utilizing a dry area of the tub or investing in a raised soap dish is ideal for keeping bars dry between use. Store unused soap in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing bars in plastic as they require adequate air exposure. Properly stored soap will last up to a year or more.